Murtaza H. Baxamusa, Ph.D., AICP

Selected Current Affiliations:

Director of Planning & Development, San Diego Building Trades Family Housing Corporation

Adjunct Faculty, Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California

Board of Directors, San Diego City-County Reinvestment Taskforce

Board of Directors, Middle Class Taxpayers Association

Policy Committee, San Diego Housing Federation

Selected Recent Awards and Recognition:

John Lyon's Fellowship Award (2012) by the John Lyon's Memorial Foundation, read into the Congressional Record of the 112th Congress by Hon. Bob FIlner.

Ruby Award (2012) by the San Diego Housing Federation for Outstanding Advocate.

John Dyckman Award (2009) for Best Doctoral Dissertation in Planning, University of Southern California.

Dr. Murtaza Baxamusa Day (June 17, 2008) proclamation in City of San Diego. (video)

Selected Research and Publications:

The Third E: Equity as a Condition for Sustainability. 2008. Projections: MIT Journal of Planning. Vol. 8.

Empowering Communities through Deliberation: The Model of Community Benefits Agreements. March 2008. Journal of Planning Education and Research, Vol. 27, No. 3, 261-276.

Earnings, Poverty, and Income Inequality in San Diego County: An Analysis of Census Data. August 2007. Issue Brief: Center on Policy Initiatives.

The Working Uninsured: An analysis of worker health coverage amongst California industries. July 2007. Center on Policy Initiatives. (co-authors: Brandalyn Patton and Susan Duerksen)

San Diego Water Rate Study. February 2007. Issue Brief: Center on Policy Initiatives. (co-author: Brandalyn Patton)

Downtown For Everybody?: Downtown Redevelopment: Taxpayer Dollars and Low-wage Jobs. Feb. 2006. Center on Policy Initiatives.

The Bottom Line: Solutions for San Diego's Budget Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of California's Largest Cities. April 2005. Center on Policy Initiatives.

Subsidizing Wal-Mart: A Case Study of the College Grove Redevelopment Project. Nov. 2003. Center on Policy Initiatives. (co-author: Dr. David Karjanen)

Compact Cities in Developing Countries: Assessment and Implications. In Rod Burgess and M. Jenks (eds) Compact Cities. 2001. (co-authors: Dr. Harry Richardson and Dr. Chang-hee Christine Bae).


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