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Simple Solution. Letter on Sunroad and Blackwater permits., 05/21/2008. 

In Budget Fight, Put Classrooms First. Op-Ed on San Diego Unified School District budget, with Susan Duerksen. San Diego Union Tribune, 05/13/2008.

A Failure Waiting to Happen. Blog on how federal privatization is connected to local measures. 04/28/2008.

Questionable Promises. Blog on problems with San Diego''s managed competition program.           04/28/2008.

Stop Subsidizing Economic Doom. Commentary on economic development strategies in San Diego., 03/10/2008.

Hourglass to Teardrop. Blog on employment in the hotel industry on, 12/20/2007.

The Truth about TOT. Blog on the hotel bed tax on, 12/19/2007.

Time to Take Stock. Blog on firefighting resources after San Diego fires on, 10/29/2007.

The Policy Train Blog on growth policies after the fire on, 10/29/2007.

Blind Mice Examining the Elephant. Blog about privatization of city services on, 9/13/2007.

The use of brokers to sell city land. Blog about sales of public land on, 08/03/2007.

Better health coverage, job creation can co-exist. Op-Ed in San Diego Daily Transcript, 07/31/2007.

Flippin’ Burgers. Letter responding to a U-T editorial in, 07/17/2007.

The Sweet Deal for Developers. Blog on the development approval process in, 06/12/2007

The U-T’s Blindness. Letter about education and income on, 05/31/2007.

The Fad: BPRs Exposed. Blog about privatization on, 05/03/07.

Market is not solving housing crisis. Op-Ed originally posted on, 01/10/2007.

On Your Dime. Blog about development subsidies on, 02/24/2007.

Crisis of Authority: Decisions on city services need public input. Op-Ed on the City’s budget in San Diego Union Tribune. 02/02/2007.

Expanding discussion about poverty. Letter in San Diego Union Tribune, 12/24/2006.

Show us the Money. Op-ed about the Navy Broadway Complex project in San Diego Union Tribune. 09/21/2006.


In the News:

Road to Privatization Hits Bumpy Patch. 06/27/2008.

Council Trims Mayor's Outsourcing Contract. 10news KGTV. 06/23/2008

County's jobless rate jumps to 5-year high. San Diego Union Tribune. 06/21/2008.

Sanders seeking contract approval. San Diego Union Tribune. 06/20/2008.

Consultants vs. Lifeguards & Librarians. 06/18/2008.

In effort to spare teachers, union urges tapping emergency reserves. 05/15/2008

Economists bemoan local job losses. San Diego Union Tribune. 04/18/2008.

San Diego Tax Hike Money Goes to Hoteliers. KPBS radio. 04/08/2008.

Job prospects remain rosy if position is high-paying. San Diego Union Tribune. 03/23/2008.

Council OK’s growth plan; “living wages” entry redone. San Diego Union Tribune. 03/16/2008.

     SD council approves blueprint. KPBS radio. 03/11/2008

New Report Says Cost of Living in San Diego Exceeds Region. Fox6 News XETV. 03/06/2008.

Region's High-Paying Jobs Sink With Housing Market. 03/06/2008.

Prices soar on inflation worries. San Diego Union Tribune. 03/04/2008.

Jobless data raise fears of recession in California. San Diego Union Tribune. 03/01/2008.

Costs keep rising while wages decline. Fox 6 News. 03/01/2008.

Study: County Cost of Living On Rise. Channel 10 News. 02/29/2008. 

State’s jobless rate tops 6 percent. San Diego Union Tribune. 01/19/2008.

A Bump up for Unemployment. 01/18/2008.

Low-wage job growth called bad news. San Diego Business Journal. 01/18/2008.

Next Firestorm- Political. San Diego Reader. 11/08/2007.

County’s jobless rate put at 4.8%. San Diego Union Tribune. 09/22/2007.

San Diego county unemployment stuck at 4.8%. North County Times. 09/22/2007.

Job creation in county takes shape of hourglass. San Diego Union Tribune. 09/02/2007.

Mayor Sander’s “managed competition” efforts under attack. KPBS Radio. 09/13/2007.

Poverty rate falls, but more people uninsured. San Diego Union Tribune, 08/29/2007.

Federal poverty line almost meaningless here. 08/29/2007.

Hourglass to Teardrop., 08/28/2007.

Czar Deposed. San Diego CityBeat. 08/22/2007.

Coverage spotty in growing industries. Ventura County Star. 07/12/2007.

Plan to use brokers draws criticism. San Diego Union Tribune. 07/29/2007.

Questions raised on Broadway complex. San Diego Union Tribune, 07/25/2007.

Plan rekindles controversy. San Diego Union Tribune. 07/19/2007.

Kearny Mesa: Next Boom? San Diego Reader. 05/10/2007.

Who’ll help us understand? San Diego CityBeat. 03/07/2007.

Council passes water, sewer hikes., 02/27/2007.

Water rate increase unfair to homeowners, study says. San Diego Union Tribune, 02/24/2007.

Families may pay higher water and sewer rates than business. KPBS Radio, 02/23/2007.

Leveraging land when cash is low., 01/25/2007.

Business leaders lend support to water rate hikes. San Diego Daily Transcript. 02/26/2007.

Watchdog groups taking last-ditch stand against Broadway Complex. San Diego Business Journal. 01/17/2007.

Appeals rejected on Navy Broadway. San Diego Union Tribune. 01/10/2007.

Finances of Navy deal come into Focus., 01/09/2007.

Coalition sues Navy over Broadway complex's environmental report. San Diego Daily Transcript. 01/05/2007

Analysts: Minimum wage hike not likely to have negative impact on restaurants. San Diego Daily Transcript. 01/02/2007.

As condos go up, affordable housing goes down., 11/17/2006.

Affordable housing downtown: the ones who need it can’t afford it. San Diego Daily Transcript. 02/06/2006.

Brought to you by the letter ‘C’. San Diego CityBeat. 10/25/2006.

Feeling low in the middle class., 10/04/2006.

San Diego Mayor proposes fiscal fixes…but rules out tax hikes. Los Angeles Times. 08/25/2006.

San Diego OKs modified Ballpark Village project. San Diego Daily Transcript. 10/19/2005.