Are you proactive or reactive?

Are you proactive or reactive?

Are you proactive or reactive with your health?  

Many people are reactive – meaning they live their life without making any healthy changes to their life until a health issue comes up. When they get sick, they act on it by going to see a doctor and take whatever medication they are prescribed to treat/mask the symptoms. Often they make no other changes to their lifestyle. 

Being proactive means to take care of yourself BEFORE something happens. This means following the 6 foundation principles: thinking positive thoughts, breathing correctly, eating organic whole foods, drinking enough filtered water, moving (working in vs working out), and getting enough quality sleep.  

In today’s society it is very easy to be reactive. The life people lead often forces them to be reactive. They are often very busy and stressed, eat junk and processed foods, don’t drink enough water, sit in an office all day and don’t move, stay up late watching tv, and don’t get enough sleep. It is a constant cycle, day in and day out. They don’t make any ‘healthy’ changes to their lifestyle until something happens – they get sick, or get diagnosed with a condition or illness. If they wait too long, it can often be too late. 

The way the medical system is designed by doctors and pharmaceutical companies sets people up to live a reactive lifestyle.  When you have a symptom or health issue, you go to the doctor. The doctor then prescribes something for your condition and you go on your way hoping that what they gave you will work. Hardly ever does the doctor look at what caused the health issue in the first place. By not doing this, puts you on a cycle of trial and error where you try to use pharmaceuticals to solve your symptoms without looking at the cause. If doctors and health practitioners started to ask the question ‘why’, it would be a different story as then they would be treating the source, rather than just putting a band-aid on a symptom....but that is a whole other that I will tackle in a future blog. 

Another issue is that most doctors and people don’t believe that what you put in and on your body has any effect on their health. And this isn’t anyone’s I mentioned earlier, it is just the way the medical system is set up. Doctors only get a minimum amount of nutrition training (and what they do is often based on the inaccurate and out of date food pyramid). Doctors are linked to pharmaceutical companies so often recommend medication or a ‘magic pill’. Most doctors don’t even recommend any diet or lifestyle changes and don’t have the support network to provide the patient if they did make changes. It is the way the current health care system is set up. 

In actual fact, what you put in and on your body does have a tremendous impact on how it functions and the health effects. When you eat processed foods, you lose the connection to your body and how it makes you feel. Processed foods are designed to be addictive to make you eat more. But most people are not aware of how these foods make them feel. If the majority of their diets are filled with processed foods, they don’t know (or have forgotten) how much better they feel when they eat whole organic natural foods. They also may become used to the health effects of eating processed foods such as the impact it has on their energy levels (the highs and lows), how it affects their sleep, how it make their body more inflammed, how it affects their digestion (e.g. diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, gas, bloating), how it affects their immune system (e.g. constantly getting sick), how it affects their skin (e.g. acne, eczema). I could go on and on but these are just a few common symptoms that people get so used to that it becomes the ‘norm’. There are so many factors that are involved and most people don’t relate how they feel to what they eat and how they treat their bodies. 

Some people appear to be able to eat anything they want and have no health effects but you cannot see what is going on inside their body and you don't how how it will show up in the long run. We are not designed to eat processed foods. (Refer to my blog 'Do you feel like you are missing out?'). 

Whilst this is not a 100% guarantee to protect you from every illness and disease, it still sets you up in a better position for better health and vitality. There are also some people who believe they are doing everything ‘right’ and things still happen. We need to be in alignment with the 6 foundation principles and eat right for your body type. The best thing we can do is make ourselves as healthy and resilient as possible. 

Filling ourselves up with processed and junk foods, no exercise, not sleeping well or enough, no time for you, not breathing correctly, not drinking enough water.....can only lead to health issues down the track. Being proactive rather than reactive is a better option. Taking steps (no matter how small) can have a profound effect on your life. Look after yourself before waiting for something to happen which then forces you to take action and make changes. 

To live according to the 6 foundation principles and keeping these in check and balanced is really the best thing we can do. Learn to love yourself and treat it like you would someone you loved. You wouldn’t give a child junk food, sweets, chips, processed foods day in and day out. You would give them nourishing foods so they build a healthy body, healthy immune system and have enough energy to learn and play. 

For further information on how to improve your health then send me a message or contact me below. We can work together to instil positive lifestyle changes. You need to look after yourself now. Take control of your health because it really is all you have. 

Let me know your thoughts below. 

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