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What to pack for kids school lunches and snacks?

What foods do you pack for your kids to eat at school? Is it mainly wholefoods, unpackaged, unprocessed? Or is it handy individual servings of biscuits, crackers, processed foods? My son told me on the weekend that most of the kids at school eat LCMs, noodle snacks, baked goods (such as muffins, cakes, cupcakes, cookies), muesli bars, oreos, chips, flavoured yoghurts, cheese balls and sticks. The canteen food is not much better with options such as ice blocks, jelly sticks and jelly, slushes, chicken nuggets, noodles, meat pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, juices and pop tops. 

These foods are highly processed, full of ingredients which are not so 'whole' - meaning your grandmother would not be able to recognise them. They are often filled with lots of additives (colours, flavours, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickeners) which is why these foods last longer. 

Children fed junk and processed foods has detrimental effects to their concentration and learning abilities, digestion and gut function, energy levels, emotions and moods. These foods are not giving their bodies the nutrition it needs for growth and development. When kids eat these foods, their body craves more food as it is does not get the nutrients it needs from these junk processed foods. These foods are also a contributor to childhood obesity.

My blog today covers what foods kids are eating and why it is important to switch them to a whole food diet. We need to feed our kids well, get back to basics and feed them wholefoods. Learn to make healthier snacks and baked goods without all the additives so they still feel like they are having a 'treat' like the other kids.

Why aren't there any healthy options on kid's menus?

Have you noticed that when you go out the eat, the kids menu is often filled with processed fried foods? There are almost never any healthy options out there. The options are usually calamari and chips, fish and chips, pizza, cheeseburger and chips, pasta. Since when did this become the norm? When did it become acceptable for kids to eat processed fried foods? Why isn't there any healthy options on the menu?  I find this extremely frustrating.

This blog looks at kids menu’s and why there should be better options for kids to eat healthier foods. Junk and processed foods should not be the norm for kids. We need to feed our kids well. They should be eating wholefoods to support their growth and development.

Have a read and let me know your thoughts! Happy reading!