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Do you feel like you are missing out?

Do you feel like you are missing out?

Sometimes when people start a new eating plan or a new 'diet', they feel as though they are 'missing out'. But what are they missing out on? Is it the junk food? Processed foods? The ability to eat whatever they want? To be able to eat what 'everyone else' is eating?

.In my blog I have a closer look at junk and processed foods….

- What are these foods really made of and how nutritious are they?

- How they can affect your body?

- Why you can't stop eating them? 

- Why some people appear to be able to eat anything and everything with virtually no effect on their body? (or is there but you just can't see it?)

- What does being 'skinny fat' mean?

- Why our bodies are not designed to be eating junk and processed foods?

- Why you should choose to eat whole organic foods over processed foods?