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Tongue scraping

Have you used a tongue scraper before? Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic practice which dates back to ancient times in India where it was considered that oral health was essential to the wellbeing of the body.

The benefits of tongue scraping include improves your oral health by clearing toxins and bacteria which can contribute to bad breath, helps to enhances your sense of taste, gently stimulates the internal organs as different parts of the tongue are related to different parts of the body, promotes overall oral and digestive health (remember digestion first starts when you smell a food and then in the mouth when you start eating). It is super easy to do and takes less than 1min per day.

It is an awesome addition to your daily morning routine.

Dry Body Brushing

Do you dry body brush your skin? Your skin is the largest organ of the body and plays a role in elimination and detoxification. It is estimated that one third of your body’s daily impurities are excreted through the skin. However, if your skin has many toxins or dead skin cells, it will not be able to eliminate wastes from your body efficiently and will place extra stress on your other organs and on your body.

Dry body brushing aids in removing the old skin cells, promoting new cell growth.The benefits of dry body brushing include:

1. Exfoliates your skin
2. Helps to stimulate your lymphatic system
3. Helps to improve circulation to the skin, which helps to detoxify and remove the waste products.
4. Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite
5. Makes you feel invigorated due to the stimulation of the nervous system and increase in blood flow

For more info on the best time to do it, how to dry body brush, when you shouldn't dry body brush and for other information then check out my blog.