Is a quick fix worth it?

Which is a better choice? A quick fix or changing lifestyle habits?

People are often looking for a quick fix - a pill, a supplement, a shake to help them lose weight, something to suppress their appetite, anything so that they don’t have to make any changes to their lifestyle and can continue to eat processed and junk food. Many people want results but don’t want to change. They don’t want to put in the time and effort, thinking it is too hard. But is it really?

If you went to the doctor and told them that you wanted to lose weight and they gave you two options:

  1. Take a pill/supplement/shake, or

  2. Change your diet and do some exercise

Which would you choose? I bet that most people would choose option 1 as it takes the least amount of effort and time. But is this the best solution? When you stop taking the supplement, what will happen if you made no changes to your diet and lifestyle? Has option 1 taught you any good diet and lifestyle habits? Most likely, when you stop taking it, you will put the weight back on and maybe some extra, and could possibly have side effects from having taken it. Then you will probably be searching for another 'quick fix', but in reality there is no 'quick fix' to looking after yourself.

If I were to ask you ‘who is the most important person in the world?’ what would your answer be? Would you say ‘my family’, ‘my kids’, ‘my husband/wife/partner’, ‘my dog’? If you really think about it, the most important person in the world is YOU. YOU need to care and look after yourself first before you can look after anyone else. What is the safety advice given on a plane before you take off? ‘In case of an emergency, put on YOUR oxygen mask first’. Not your kids/partner/husband/wife/friend. YOURS! And why? Because for you to be able to help someone else, you need to be ok first.

I often hear the excuse ‘I don’t have time’ or  ‘I’m too busy’. But people make time to do the things they love and value. It all comes down to priorities. What do you prioritise in your life? What do you value? In my life, I value good health and because of this, I ensure that my family and I always have good whole organic food for the majority of our meals. I think good health is the foundation to everything - to be able to have energy to do the things you love and be healthy enough to live our dreams. Imagine having more money than you could possibly spend but you are sick, have a chronic illness or disease and can’t do all of the things you love. If you don’t have good health, what do you have? Material possessions come and go but you can't take them with you when you die.

For sure it is easier to take a supplement or drink a shake. Deciding what to cook, going to the shops to buy ingredients, preparing and cooking food all takes time and effort. But aren’t YOU worth the time and effort? Don’t YOU need to look after yourself? We look after our kids but who looks after us? It is our responsibility as adults to look after ourselves properly. But how many adults can’t do this? How many adults can’t cook a simple meal? Who don’t exercise? Who don’t get to bed early enough?

Taking a pill or supplement, drinking a shake is not the solution to good health. It may appear to be better for us but we will end up paying for it in the long run with our health. If it were that easy to just pop a pill or live on shakes and be healthy, don’t you think everyone would be doing it and we wouldn’t have such a high incidence of chronic disease? We have the highest incidence of obesity and chronic disease that the world has even seen and it is only going to get worse unless we start making some changes. The changes do not have to be massive or life destroying. Making 2 to 3 changes every couple of weeks can have a profound effect on your life, improving it for the better. And if it means you will have less chance of getting sick, or developing a chronic condition and being dependent on medication down the track, then isn’t that a better option?

Remember...YOU are number one! You need to implement good diet and lifestyle habits that will sustain you for life. This means eating nourishing healthy foods, making sure you get to bed by 10:30pm and getting 7-8hours of good quality sleep, doing some form of movement for 20-30mins a day, having a spiritual practice, and taking time out everyday to do something you love. These things are important to ensure that you are looking after yourself holistically. Doing these things around kids will also be a good reflection on what a healthy balanced lifestyle is. Kids often do what their parents do so lead by example and be the best role model you can be.

A good idea is to make time each week to plan things out. Making sure you go shopping and fill your fridge up with healthy organic wholefoods. This ensures that you have enough food at home so you don’t have any excuse that you can’t make something that is healthy and nutritious. Meal planning, prepping and organisation will help in making sure you are looking after yourself. Cooking extra at dinner will ensure you have enough food for lunches the following day and will stop you from having to buy an unhealthy lunch. It just take time, effort and commitment.

If you wish you had more energy, or were sleeping or eating better, or had more time for you, then contact me. I am here to help you. It’s not hard to make these changes. You just need to be committed to looking after yourself and then you can help others. Remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT and YOU COME FIRST!

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