What does health mean to you?

What does health mean to you?

What does being healthy mean to you? What does a healthy person looks like? Is it someone who looks fit and has a toned, muscular body? Someone who can run a marathon? trains in the gym 5 days a week? does Crossfit? Is it someone who is vegetarian? vegan? meat eater? Paleo? Can you tell if a person is healthy just by looking at them?

Many people have different ideas on what being ‘healthy means’. If I asked 20 people, I am sure I would get different answers, e.g.

  • eating healthy foods, no junk foods

  • training 5 days a week and being active

  • practicing mediation and yoga every day

  • being able to run 10km easily

We are often bombarded with images in the media, in magazines, on tv, on Instagram, and Facebook, of ‘fit and healthy people’ but is this image a true reflection of their health? Have the pictures been photo-shopped to make the person appear to look ‘healthier? What about being ‘pretty’ or ‘hot’ - is this an indicator of health? With images and people on tv, often they are made up with lots of makeup so their skin looks super clear, have fake tans, fake eyelashes, fake boobs, guys who take steroids to look more muscular and bigger. But is this a true image of health?

In reality, we cannot tell if a person is healthy just by looking at them. We are only able to see what is on the surface, what the person is willing to share. We cannot see what health issues they may be struggling with, how their internal organs are functioning, what other issues they may be dealing with. We only see what they let us see. Just because someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean they are healthy. Looks can be deceiving.

The true definition of health is the state of being free from illness or injury.

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Where there is health, illness and injury cannot exist.

How often do we compare ourselves with people who look like they are the picture of health? When we see someone who looks 'fit and healthy', we often wish we looked the same as them. But should we really be doing this? The only person we should be comparing ourselves to is ourselves.....and how we were yesterday. We should aim to make improvements in ourselves rather than comparing ourselves to other people. When we compare ourselves to others, we often end up putting ourselves down as we don’t think we are as good as the other person and that’s when issues arise. When you compare yourself to someone else, you don’t know exactly what you are comparing yourself to as you don’t know what health issues that person has been through and what they may be going through currently. You don’t have the complete picture of that person.

To be healthy and free from disease and injury, means that you need to have the 6 foundation principles in balance:

1.     Thinking

2.     Breathing

3.     Eating

4.     Hydration

5.     Movement

6.     Sleeping

This means you need to eat whole organic foods right for your body type that are in line with your heritage, drink enough filtered water, be in bed by 10-10:30pm and get 7-8hrs good quality sleep, breathe correctly using your diaphragm, think good positive thoughts, and move for at least 20-30mins everyday. If all of these 6 principles are balanced, then disease cannot exist. However, when  you neglect one or more of the 6 foundation principles, that’s when health issues start to arise.

For me, health is when someone is balanced - mentally, hormonally, physically and spiritually. It is not someone who appears to look healthy on the outside but has lots of health issues on the inside. Being healthy is someone who has optimal gut function, who eats organic whole foods and can absorb all the nutrients from their food, has clear skin and lots of energy to work towards their goals. Who is conscious and mindful of the animal foods they are eating, sourcing foods that are good for them, the animals, and the environment. We are what we eat, and if we choose to eat animals that lived a natural healthy life, then we eat the essence of that animal. We are only as healthy as what our food eats.

The picture of health doesn’t come in a packet or a magic pill. It comes from working on ourselves, making lifestyle changes, following the 6 foundation principles, living according to your true self, and being happy. So if you see an ad on tv, Facebook or Instagram where someone is looking ‘healthy’ and offering the latest weight loss solution or magic pill or supplement, think twice. It is often too good to be true. Don’t let images cloud your judgement. Don’t envy other people who seem to be fit and healthy, and are promoting the next new thing to losing weight. Focus on yourself and your goals and remember that being healthy comes down to the 6 foundation principles. No gimmick or quick weight loss promises are going to make a difference and can actually set you further back from reaching your goals. 

If you would like further information on the 6 foundation principles and how they can serve you to have a better quality of life, then contact me below or send me a message. I can work with you to instil positive lifestyle changes and get your life back into balance.

Let me know your thoughts below.

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