Dry Body Brushing

Dry Body Brushing

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and is made up of nerves, glands and cell layers. It is the barrier between your internal environment and the external environment.

Your skin plays a role in elimination and detoxification. It is estimated that one third of your body’s daily impurities are excreted through the skin. However, if your skin has many toxins or dead skin cells, it will not be able to eliminate wastes from your body efficiently and will place extra stress on your other organs and on your body.

What you put on your skin is really important as it is absorbed directly into your body. If you put commercial skin care products on your body, it may block the glands and absorb toxic chemicals into your body. Therefore you should be aware of all the personal products you use and choose organic products with good ingredients


Benefits of dry body brushing

1.       Exfoliates your skin

When you dry body brush, it helps to loosen and remove the dead skin cells which naturally exfoliates the skin. It helps to remove oil, dirt and any residue in your pores and also helps to remove any ingrown hairs. When we dry body brush, your skin will be clear of excess debris so it is able to absorb nutrients into the body. Dry body brushing helps to encourage new cell renewal and softer skin. It helps to keep the skin vibrant and fresh, so your skin will feel smoother and softer than ever!!

2.       Helps to stimulate your lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a major part of the body’s immune system as it is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. The lymph vessels are just below the skin and these vessels transport the lymph around the body. The lymphatic system allows waste to be collected from your tissues and transports them to your blood for elimination – called lymphatic drainage. When your lymphatic system is not working optimally, waste and toxins can build up and make you sick. Dry bushing the skin regularly helps to stimulate the normal lymph flow and helps it to release toxins. It helps the body to detoxify naturally and helps to reduce inflammation.

3.       Helps to improve circulation to the skin

Dry body brushing helps to increase the circulation to your skin, which helps to detoxify and remove the waste products.

4.       Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Cellulite is the toxic material accumulated in your body’s fat cells. There is not a lot of research showing that dry body brushing helps to remove cellulite but it helps to soften the hard fat deposits just below the skin, and helps to increase circulation and the remove of toxins.

5.       Makes you feel invigorated

Due to the stimulation of the nervous system and increase in blood flow, an increase in energy is usually noticed.  


Best types of brushes to use:

  • Brush that has bristles made of natural materials

  • Find one with a long handle so you can reach all areas of your body including the middle of your back

  • Use a smaller, gentler dry brush for your face (not the one for your body as this one is too hard)

  • Usually cost under $20


When is the best time to do it?

  • Daily, in the morning before your shower.

  • It should only take you less than 5 minutes to do your whole body

  • Avoid doing it before bed as it may make you feel too invigorated and energised  .


How to do it?

  • Your skin should be dry

  • Gentle upward movements towards the heart. The reason for this is because the lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards the heart, so it is best to brush in the same direction

  • Start at the bottom of your feet, then your ankles, move up to the lower legs, thighs, Do long smooth strokes

  • Brush each section about 10 times

  • Then do the same with your arms. Start with the palms of the hands and brush up the arm towards the heart. Brush each section 10 times

  • For the stomach, brush in a circular clockwise direction so that it follows the direction of your colon.

  • For the armpits, also with a circular clockwise motion.

  • Continue the process on your back brushing from the neck down to the lower back.

  • Switch to a more delicate brush for your face.

  • Have a shower after to wash away the dead skin cells

  • Make sure you use an organic soap or body wash without any of the nasty chemicals often found in commercial brands

  • After your shower, use a good moisturiser to nourish the skin e.g. organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil

Other points

Don’t brush too hard! A soft smooth stroke works best. Your skin should be slightly pink after brushing, but it should never be red or sting. Adjust the pressure for more sensitive areas of the body, e.g. softer on your stomach and chest compared to your legs and arms. If it hurts at all, then use less pressure. There should be no discomfort, itchiness, redness or pain. Avoid overly sensitive areas stop if any symptoms occur.

Wash your brush every few weeks to remove the dead skin cells. Replace the brush every 6-12 months as the bristles will eventually wear out.

Dry body brushing is also good to do through pregnancy, as it may help reduce the risk of getting stretch marks and helps for improving circulation.

When shouldn’t you dry body brush?

  • If you have sensitive skin, eczema, irritations, abrasions or other skin conditions

  • Dry body brushing may aggravate sensitive skin so it is best to avoid

  • Work with a health practitioner to find out the cause of your skin conditions and heal your skin first before you start to include dry body brushing into your morning routine.

What about you?

Have your ever dry body brushed? If yes, how do you find it?

If not, do a 30 day challenge with dry body brushing and let me know how it makes you and your skin feel :-)

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