The benefits of celery juice

The benefits of celery juice

So for the past month I have been having a glass of celery juice before my first meal every morning. I had heard about the benefits of celery juice but never tried it so I decided to give it a go and found a number of amazing benefits… skin looked even more clearer and my digestion was better. I decided to look further into the benefits of celery juice.

I bought the book ‘Liver Rescue’ by Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium. Anthony states that Spirit constantly speaks into his ear so he doesn’t have any references in his books but what he states makes a lot of sense. We put so much in and on our bodies and our liver has to deal with all of it. Drinking celery juice helps the liver to function optimally so that it can deal with all the toxins it has to deal with. I wish I had know this when I was younger when I was dealing with a number of health issues. For me, when I read his book and started reading Liver Rescue, it was like one of the missing pieces to my puzzle.

The Medical Medium promotes drinking of 16oz celery juice on an empty stomach every morning - which works out to be approx. 473mL. Organic celery should be used as celery is on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list (Refer to my blog on ‘What foods should you buy organic’ at Celery is one of the crops that is heavily sprayed with pesticides and insecticides and so you don’t want your liver to have to deal with more when you are drinking the celery juice to help heal your body.

Anthony William (the Medical Medium) states that the benefits of celery juice include:

  • Critical for healing chronic acid reflux

  • Fights autoimmune disease, including Hashimoto’s, Lyme disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and every other autoimmune condition

  • Incredible for constipation and all digestive issues

  • Helps restore the adrenals

  • Contains mineral salts that are critical for the central nervous system

  • Helpful for depression, anxiety, brain fog, confusion, bipolar disorder, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), poor focus and concentration

  • Important for skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis

  • Flushes toxins and pathogenic byproduct from the body

  • Helps stabilize blood pressure

  • Helps eradicate strep bacteria

  • Fights Epstein-Barr and Shingles viruses

  • Brings down toxic liver heat

  • The ultimate gallbladder rehabilitator

  • Eliminates mucus

  • Restores bile production and potency

  • Celery’s natural sodium draws toxic salts out of the body

  • Powerful weapon against SIBO

  • Inhibits viruses, bacteria, and fungus

  • Enhances the immune system

  • Helps repair damaged ligaments & bones

  • Highly anti-inflammatory

  • Powerful way to alkalize the gut

  • Celery juice raises hydrochloric acid 

  • Supports and calms the central nervous system

  • Helps the liver produce bile 

  • Has mineral salts are instrumental in the electricity that governs the body

  • Contains the building blocks for neurotransmitter chemicals

  • Helps heal and prevent gut rot 

  • Helps repair damaged cells inside the liver

  • Cleanses the thyroid of viral byproduct

  • Bolsters production of thyroid hormone T3

  • Helps improve kidney function

  • Helpful for healing allergies

  • Powerful tool for brain health

  • Helps heal Crohn’s, Colitis and IBS

  • Offers stress assistance

  • Strengthens digestion

  • Celery juice blended with papaya is an amazing gut tonic

  • Helps heal addictions

  • Improves methylation

  • Helps prevent gum recession

  • Provides essential mineral salts

  • Helps restless leg syndrome

  • Counteracts acidosis

  • Helps heal POTS

  • Hydrates on a cellular level

  • Helpful healing tool for every symptom and condition

  • Celery juice’s undiscovered mineral salts break down pathogens’ cell membranes, killing and destroying them

  • The cluster salts in celery are used by your white blood cells as both shield and weapon to go after viruses and unproductive bacteria

  • Helps to heal the liver

  • Enhances electrolytes

  • Has undiscovered mineral salts that act together as an antiseptic in the body

You can read more about it here:

What about you?

Have you tried celery juice? If yes, what changes have you noticed?

If you haven’t, why not give it a go for a month and see what changes happen in your body.

Let me know your thoughts below and happy celery juice drinking!!

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