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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
— Lao Tau

I decided to embark on a six-week challenge to lose weight, gain definition and build up my endurance. After 6 weeks, I did a body scan and the results showed that I had lost 4.5kg in weight, 9kg pure body fat and gained 2kg of muscle. This was the greatest result I have ever seen in all my years of training and dieting.

Nicole is to thank for a big part of my results. She is a greater mentor and guide, with the best nutritional advice. She made ‘dieting’ so much easier because it was no longer a diet but more of a lifestyle. Her eating tips were achievable especially for a busy lifestyle like mine.

Even after the challenge, I’ve managed to stay consistent with my eating patterns and have maintained my results.

I would highly recommend Nicole if you want great nutritional advice, fitness tips and amazing support and motivation.

— Alissar ayouby

16 november 2018

Nicole has been a blessing in my life this year on so many levels. 

I get to see this inspiring woman at least 3 times a week at crossfit valve. She is a my motivator and I look forward to my sessions with her! 

What I love about Nic most is that she is a working mum just like myself but she makes eating healthy and living healthy just all too easy. 

I recently realized how powerful her coaching was when I signed up for 6 weeks eating challenge. 
I attended a workshop where Nicole shared her expertise on nutrition and  intermittent fasting.

Nicole showed us how to shop at the local organic markets, how to cook, to love real Whole Foods and how to listen to our body.

We shared photos of all our meals on an online group. Nic would comment and answer any questions we had almost immediately. 

Nicole made it seem so easy to make some serious changes, with her mentoring and such a great support network I managed to lose close to 5kg.

I’ve had people comment on some positive body changes they’ve seen. I tell them the truth is, “the best changes are the ones on the inside, I have more self discipline, food doesn’t control how I think or feel. I’m able to think clearer and it’s had a powerful impact on my life choices”.

Nicole has a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend her as a lifestyle coach. If your looking for some simple tips but you want to see big changes, she’s your girl!

Thanks Nic!

— Amanda Ayouby

31 October 2018

Dear all, My name is Mohamad El-Ali, 38 years old :) 

Almost 4 months ago I was on the edge of giving up on myself and trying to lose weight or trying to gain the shape that I have always dreamed of. Until I asked Nicole a random question on a Sunday morning session, asking is it really possible to have a nice body shape? and that was it, Nicole grabbed me on the side with one promise...... 'I will steal the weight off you' she said. What a thief you are I said :) lol lol

Dear all, months ago Nicole stole almost 12 kgs away from ME. Not just that, my clothes size have dropped. Amazingly my body is starting to shape and nice muscle shape is showing up. YES it is true, dear all.

IF you are reading this....if i can do it .....trust me whoever you are and wherever you are....YOU CAN DO IT ( with Nicole).

I've never seen such genuine, honest, caring and committed person like her. GOD bless you, I can't thank you enough and the journey together has just begun.

FYI everyone I started with Nicole 110.5kgs and I'm 99.5kgs not to mention the muscle mass increase.

Where there is a will there is a way!


12 April 2018

Where do i begin..

Just over 3 months ago, I took a leap of faith and decided to start treating my body the right way. After 10+ years of unhealthy eating/non stop medical problems it was time to reset and start again. In 3+ months I have learnt to eat 3 healthy meals a day (who would have thought eating more could help with weight loss). Also training min. 3 days per week 🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️

I have been able to come off numerous medications and my weight has dropped by ⬇️ 15+ kgs..!!

I feel healthier. I have much more energy and I'm in a much happier place in my life..😁

It has not been easy, and its not, you may slip up/find it all too hard but with the guidance and support from Nicole at Alephia Holistic Life Mastery, I am on the right track to a better me.😃 Go on..take that first step 👟
What have you got to lose..!!

feeling fantastic..


12 April 2018