Things I Like

Due to the amount of additives (E numbers), preservatives, colours and flavours in processed foods, I tend to make everything from scratch. There is always a better way to make things you want to eat using whole organic ingredients. Below are some of the products I like and also information on where to get specific foods and products.


Farmers Markets

I like buying all my organic vegetables and fruits from our local farmers markets. We can also get some amazing sourdough bread and yummy croissants made with all whole ingredients. The markets also sell organic meat, kombucha and lots of other things. I find that when I buy produce from the markets it is fresher and lasts longer. I also like supporting local farmers rather than spending my money at grocery stores. 

To find out where the closest farmers markets are to you, go to:


Organic, free range, pasture raised meat:


Organic groceries, fruits, veg & organic meats:



I prefer to get all my nutrients from organic wholefoods so I don't take many supplements. The only supplements I do take are: